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BMC to introduce standardised rate, quality manual soon

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Jun. 12, 2012, 05:30 PM

BMC to introduce standardised rate, quality manual soonIn a bid to curb financial malpractices carried out by contractors during the execution of various civic projects, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) will prepare a standardised rate and quality manual for all construction material listed in its schedule. Contractors, known to compromise on quality of material by bidding abnormally lower than BMC rates, will now have to follow a fixed rate of raw material that is common to all departments and follow the specifications about their quality. BMC will appoint Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to prepare the manual.


Chief engineer R S Kuknur (planning and design department, BMC) said at present various departments within the BMC have different schedules. The departments include hydraulic engineering, roads traffic and bridges, storm water drains, city engineer, school infrastructure, mechanical and electrical and sewerage operations. This means that the rate of common construction materials such as concrete, sand, steel and so on is different in various departments.


“As there is no standard rate for these important items, contractors have a huge scope of bidding abnormally low to win the bid and in the process use inferior quality of raw material. Even as the labour charges are different for different departments, raw materials such as Portland cement concrete, steel, sand, artificial crushed sand and so on is the same,” said Kuknur.


The present rates are based on the 2008 fair market rates and are thus outdated.


“Through the new standardised rate and quality book, contractors will have to follow the rates that quality norms that are mentioned in it. As per change in prices, the book will be updated annually. This, we hope, will greatly bring down the abnormal low bidding since we will know that if material is purchased at lower rate than the fair market rates, the quality will be doubtful. FMR is the lowest rate,” said Kuknur.


In the recent past, contractors of the ward level civil works quoted up to 60 per cent lower tha market rates while road contractors quoted up to 30 per cent lower

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