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Hafeez Contractor

Architect, Hafeez contractor and associates
Infrawindow.com | Jan. 21, 2012, 05:06 PM IST

Hafeez Contractor

Born in 1950, Mumbai, Hafeez Contractor finished his schooling at the Town Boarding School, Nasik. As one of the most popular and talented student in his school, Hafeez used to find innovative and creative ways to deal with strict, old-fashioned matrons in the school. Recalling a school incident, he said, “One of our matrons was very strict and punished us if our shirt buttons were found missing. I designed a way out – whenever my button went missing, I carved one out of a chalk and stuck one on my shirt!”


After finishing high school, Hafeez studied architecture at The Academy of Architecture in Mumbai while working in his cousin, Tehmasp Khareghat’s architectural firm in the evenings. Here he honed his fundamental skills under the expert and patient guidance of his cousin, whom he also considers as his mentor.


As a student of The Academy of Architecture, Hafeez won several design awards during 1970, 1974 and 1975. Upon graduating from The Academy of Architecture, Hafeez went on to pursue postgraduate studies in architecture from The Columbia University, New York. In 1982, with an office in a warehouse and three young men with similar vision and aspirations, Hafeez started his own practice.


Today, more than two decades later, his office at Bank Street, Mumbai, is a bustling think tank of more than 300 employees. Hafeez’s unique design approach has won him several accolades and prestigious projects. He is considered as one of the leading architects of India today. Provocative and unpredictable, Hafeez has achieved many milestones in a short time with his revolutionary ideas and his passion for perfection. 


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